I am a data scientist, avid reader, adventurous cook, and aspiring gym bro. If curiosity killed the cat, it’s a good thing I have nine lives.

For me, statistics holds a near incomparable power – the power to understand the world around us. To quantify uncertainty and unlock the truth of how things really are, as opposed to what they seem to be. As a data scientist, I wield this power carefully, for it is just as easy to misrepresent and bend reality to your will as it is to uncover real insights and help inform decisions that make a positive impact.

There are so many problem spaces today accumulating increasingly more data, so many issues in this world that sorely need interdisciplinary solutions. This is why I am especially passionate about building impactful sustainability products, and have both worked and volunteered many hours in service to this cause. I especially enjoy bringing together people from different backgrounds, as it really challenges assumptions and unlocks innovation. This has inspired me to focus on mentorship, and especially on helping others develop the skills needed to collaborate and communicate across fields. These skills are so, so crucial in this age where, as data scientists, we will need to partner with experts from many different backgrounds to solve today’s most pressing problems.

I hope you come away with something new from this site! Please feel free to reach out if you have an interesting statistical problem, a climate issue you want to ideate on, or just a curious conundrum you’d like to share.